Speakers of the Ayurveda Symposium 2021

For 2021, the following speakers from Europe and India have already agreed to enrich the symposium with a lecture or panel discussion:

Chief Guest: Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha (IND) - requested

Secretary to the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India
Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha MD (Ayu) is the Minister of State for AYUSH, Federal Government of India. Previously, he was the President of the prestigious Gujarat Ayurved University in Jamnagar. He also ran his own Ayurveda clinic in Jaipur and a research institute of Ayurveda in Chitrakoot. He has received several awards for his work, including the Padmashri Award, the fourth highest civilian award in India.

Kalpana Bandecar, MD (D)

Doctor and Ayurveda specialist
Dr. med. Kalpana Bandecar is a doctor and specialist for Ayurvedic medicine and yoga therapy. She completed her training with Dr. S.N.Gupta in Nadiad/India and the REAA in Birstein. For many years she has been working successfully in her own practice in Berlin and Hanover. She is also a journalist and writes for various professional journals. As a book author she has published 2 books: "Ayurveda for Children" with Kerstin Rosenberg and "Absolutely Hot and Healthy". She is currently working on her online magazine "AlltrueSecrets", which will be published in late autumn.

HP Oliver Becker (D)

Dipl. pedagogue, practitioner of alternative medicine and medical Ayurveda specialist
Oliver Becker is a certified pedagogue, alternative practitioner and Ayurveda physician and practices in his own naturopathic practice. At the European Academy for Ayurveda he works as a lecturer, medical spa manager, interpreter and module leader in the course of studies Ayurveda medicine. He has profound knowledge and experience in Ayurveda, Vedic sciences, Sanskrit and Yoga.

HP Anja Berger (D)

Practitioner of alternative medicine, medical Ayurveda specialist
Anja Berger is a graduate social scientist and alternative practitioner and successfully completed her studies of Ayurveda medicine at the European Academy for Ayurveda. She works in her own practice in Baden-Baden with a focus on Ayurveda medicine, nutritional counselling and gynaecology/consulting for natural hormone therapy.

Dr. Ananda Chopra (D)

Head of the Ayurveda department at the Habichtswaldklinik Kassel
Ananda Samir Chopra, MD, studied medicine and Indology at the University of Heidelberg. After his license to practice medicine, he spent one year in Kolkata, India, studying Ayurveda. Since 1996 leading physician of the Ayurveda Clinic Kassel. 2009 to 2011 scientific assistant in a research project on the modern history of Ayurveda at the University of Heidelberg. Furthermore, he is the 1st chairman of DÄGAM e.V. (German Medical Society for Ayurveda Medicine). In addition to his clinical activities, Dr. Chopra continues to be scientifically active in the history of medicine. Since his childhood he has been learning and practicing Indian classical music (Hindustani Sangit).

Dr. Prasanth Dharmarajan (IND)

Assistant professor Panchakarma at the AIIA
Dr. Prasanth Dharmarajan PhD comes from a family of Ayurvedic doctors in Kerala and was one of the first employees of the All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA), the top institute of the AYUSH Ministry of the Indian government. In 2015, he was appointed advisor and assistant professor for Panchakarma. He built up and developed the Panchakarma Department, which now treats hundreds of patients per day. He created the first national standards for training panchakarma therapists in India and trained the Institute's postgraduate students and therapists. Zuvor he worked in the Department of Panchakarma and Integrative Medical Studies at the Mata Amritanandamayi Math and its Ayurvedic School of Kerala. There he led and taught educational programs for international students, including Western doctors and medical personnel.

Katharina Döricht (D)

Ayurveda nutrition and health consultant, founder of "Tasty Katy
Katharina Döricht is a holistic Ayurvedic nutrition and health advisor, consultant in intestinal health and yoga teacher. Since 5 years she runs the blog "Tasty Katy", has a podcast "Naturally Healthy" which is all about holistic health. She is also the author of the book "Modern Ayurveda" and studies nutrition therapy at the HS Anhalt.

Dr. Astrid Gerstemeier (D)

Graduate ecotrophologist
Dr. Astrid Gerstemeier has been self-employed for over 20 years in her own practice for holistic classical and Ayurvedic nutritional advice and coaching. From 2001-2006 she was also head of the nutrition department of the outpatient neurodermatitis therapy centre Schwelmer Modell. In 2010 she founded the Sonnenberg Health Centre in Wiesbaden, which she still runs today. In holistic coaching sessions she accompanies clients in the development of new behavioural patterns to improve their quality of life. As an experienced lecturer and specialist, she trains professionals and patients in Ayurvedic and classical dietetics. She holds a doctorate in oecotrophology, is an Ayurvedic nutrition and health consultant (European Academy of Ayurveda), certified nutritionist (VDOE), nutritional expert for allergology (DAAB) and coach for holistic personality coaching (Academy for Holistic Leadership).

Dr. med. Hedwig H. Gupta (D)

Specialist in orthopaedics and rheumatology
Hedwig H. Gupta, MD, is a specialist in orthopedics and rheumatology with a focus on Ayurveda and therapeutic yoga. She first studied Ayurveda in the Gurukula system with Dr. OP Tiwari. From 1999 she did post graduate studies of Ayurveda at BHU (Banaras Hindu University). Studied Sanskrit and Yoga there as well. Today she is based in Asperg. Head of the vidya sagar academy for Ayurveda and yoga therapy, 2nd chairwoman of DÄGAM e.V. (German Medical Society for Ayurveda Medicine) and 2nd chairwoman of DeGYT e.V. (German Society for Yoga Therapy).

Prof. Dr. Shivenarain Gupta (IND)

Ayurveda Clinic Director, Professor, J.S. Ayurveda College, Vice Chancellor, Maganbhai Adenwala Mahagujarat University, India
Prof. Shivenarain Gupta MD (Ayu) is a physician and professor of Ayurvedic medicine from Nadiad (India). He earned his doctorate degree from the famous Ayurveda University of Jamnagar. Today he heads the Department of Internal Medicine at the P. D. Patel Ayurveda Hospital. As a professor of the affiliated J. S. Ayurveda College, he has succeeded in establishing one of the most prestigious pancakarma clinics in India, where patients from India and Europe receive help. He was awarded by IASTAM (India) for his achievements in teaching and appointed as Vice Chancellor, Maganbhai Adenwala Mahagujarat University in 2022. At the European Academy of Ayurveda, he has been one of the key teachers and academic head of training in Ayurvedic Medicine for many years.

HP Manuela Heider de Jahnsen MSc (D)

Practitioner of alternative medicine, author
Manuela Heider de Jahnsen is an alternative practitioner, lecturer and author. In addition to her training in traditional medicine in India and Vietnam, she studied tropical medicine and Indology in Berlin. She teaches and works in the Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe. Manuela Heider de Jahnsen teaches Ayurveda-Yoga Therapy at the European Academy of Ayurveda (Rosenberg), where she completed her Ayurveda Master of Science degree. Her Ayurvedic-Yogatherapeutic focus areas in practice and teaching are rehabilitative medicine, urban panchakarma, trauma, childbearing.

Vaidya Bhargav Vishwas Jategaonkar (IND)

Ayurveda doctor
Dr. Jategaonkar, MD (Ayu) and MA Sanskrit, comes from a well known family from Pune, which is dedicated to Ayurveda. Both parents have been Ayurveda doctors for over 30 years. Dr. Jategaonkar learned Ayurveda in the traditional way from his father who is a student of the late Vaidya Ashok S. Bhat - a great personality in the field of Nadi (Pulse) testing. His final thesis on MD Ayurveda treats Triphala as a research topic. The work contains one of the largest compilations of references about Triphala not only from the Ayurvedic literature but also from almost all other Sanskrit texts from Vedas and Puranas. Currently Dr. Jategaonkar is practicing Ayurveda in three clinics in Pune.

Jasmin Jeß (D)

Ayurveda cook and nutrition coach, founder of "Prana up your life".
Jasmin Jeß is a Mindfulness & Ayurveda Coach and founded 'Prana up your life' together with her sister Josephine. In their podcast, book & workshops of the same name they talk about a simple & undogmatic holistic lifestyle, nutrition and the mind-body connection. Ayurveda & Mindfulness are the basis for their work, with which they have already inspired over 500 women in their online coaching, courses and membership.

Dr. Vanita Kansal (D)

Practitioner of alternative medicine, Ayurveda specialist
Vanita Kansal completed six years of Ayurvedic medicine with a focus on Panchakarma therapy in India with distinction. Afterwards she worked as a lecturer and Ayurveda physician at several clinics in India. In addition, she gave lectures on Ayurveda topics in Germany, Switzerland, China and India. Since 2010 she has been working as an Ayurvedic doctor in the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen, Traben-Trarbach. Well-founded expertise in Panchkarma-cure guidance, nutritional science, Ayurvedic lifestyle, herbal medicine and meditation. In the meantime she has acquired the title of alternative practitioner in Mainz.

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Christian Kessler (D)

Internist, researcher, indologist
private lecturer Dr. med. Christian S. Kessler, MA is senior physician and research coordinator at the Immanuel Hospital Berlin and is scientifically active at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin on Ayurveda and many other topics. He has a master's degree in Indology and is the medical director of the advanced training for doctors "Ayurveda as complementary medicine" in Berlin.

Prof. Dr. Abhimanyu Kumar (IND)

Ayurveda doctor, former general director of the All India Institute of Ayurveda
Prof. Dr. Abhimanyu Kumar MD (Ayu) MSc PhD is Vice Chancellor of the Uttarakhand Ayurved University in India. Previously, he was Executive Director of the All India Institute of Ayurveda in New Delhi, the new Excellence Initiative of the Indian Ministry of Health AYUSH for Postgraduate Education and Specialist Medicine in Ayurveda. He also holds the position of Director General of the CCRAS Central Councils for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences for several years. Prior to that, he was active for many years as Head of the Department of Ayurvedic Pediatrics, NAI, Jaipur. He holds a PhD in Pediatrics and a Master in Applied Psychology. He has also published three books and more than 60 scientific articles.

Marco Lebbing MD MSc (D)

Specialist in general medicine, additional qualification in naturopathy
Study of Ayurveda medicine in Germany and India. During his further training as a specialist in general medicine and neurology, he worked for many years in the field of integrative medicine, including classical European naturopathy under Prof. Dobos at the Knappschaft Hospital in Essen and Ayurveda under Prof. Przuntek at the Protestant Hospital in Hattingen. Currently working in the integrative medical fasting clinic Buchinger-Wilhelmi. Research on the role of the bacterial intestinal flora in neurodegenerative diseases while working in Hattingen as well as in the master's program at the European Academy of Ayurveda. Training in classical European naturopathy in Bad Wörrishofen, obtaining the additional title of naturopathic medicine, as well as various further training courses in the field of integrative medicine and nutritional medicine.

Dr. Ram Manohar (IND)

Ayurveda doctor and pharmacologist
Ram Manohar MD (Ayu) is a doctor for Ayurvedic medicine and pharmacologist. He is currently working as Research Director at the Amrita Centre for Advanced Research in Ayurveda, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University, Kollam, Kerala. He also serves as a research consultant for the National Institute of Ayurveda and for History of Science at the Indian National Science Academy. He is an expert member of the World Health Organization Committee for the International Standardization of Ayurvedic Terminology. He has worked in the Kerala State Government Task Force on the AYUSH response to COVID-19 and is a member of the Interdisciplinary Research and Development Working Group on COVID-19 at the AYUSH Ministry of the Government of India. His special interest is psychology and spirituality from an Ayurvedic perspective.

Volker Mehl (D)

Ayurveda cook and entrepreneur
Volker Mehl, born in Mannheim in 1976, grew up in Lorsch in southern Hesse. After stopovers in Munich, Berlin, Wuppertal and Kassel, he has now returned to his home town, where he runs his cooking school and Ayurveda Academy in Heppenheim. With his 10 books published since 2011, two of which were awarded as the best India cookbook in Germany, he is one of the most successful Ayurveda authors in Germany.

Prof. Dr. Martin Mittwede (D)

Indologist and religious scholar
Prof. Dr. Martin Mittwede is head of the Master of Science in Ayurveda Medicine at the European Academy of Ayurveda. The indologist and religious scholar habilitated already in 1996 with a research project on Ayurveda and has many years of experience in further medical training. He also teaches at the University of Frankfurt/Main and has published numerous works on Ayurveda medicine.

Dr. med. Antonio Morandi (I)

Neurologist and Ayurveda doctor
Antonio Morandi is a neurologist and Vaidya (Ayurveda Academy, Pune (India) / Joytinat International College of Ayurveda). He also has a specialization in Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapy ( Ayurvedic
Institute Ashtavaidyan Thaikat Mooss',Thrissur). He has been Director of the Ayurvedic Point, Milan, for many years and is President of the Scientific Society for Ayurvedic Medicine Italy (SSIMA). In 2017 he was awarded the prestigious IASTAM ZANDU Award for Research in  Ayurveda. In 2019 he received the ECIM Award for the best clinical publication as co-author.

Dr. med. Annette Müller-Leisgang (D)

General practitioner and Ayurveda physician
Since 1998, Dr. med. Annette Müller-Leisgang has been working with her own practice for Ayurveda and nutritional medicine in Munich. In addition, she specializes in travel and occupational medicine. She has more than 30 years of experience in Ayurveda and heads the Ayurveda Institute Munich.

Dr. Vijay Murthy (UK)

Ayurveda doctor and researcher, director of Ayuwave
Dr. Vijayendar Murthy is an internationally recognized Ayurvedic physician and researcher. He is the Director of Ayuwave London, UK, and Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton. Murthy received his diverse medical education and clinical practice in India, New Zealand, Australia and England. He lives and works in London. His healing methods attract a wide range of health seekers and patients, including stars and the British Royal Family. Dr Murthy also runs an innovative radio show called "Unlock your Health".

Dr. med. Kalyani Nagersheth (D)

Specialist for physical and rehabilitative medicine, medical psychotherapist
Dr. med. Kalyani Nagersheth has been working as an Ayurveda doctor since 2000 and was head of the Ayurveda department at the Habichtswald-Klinik, Kassel. Today she runs her own practice for Ayurveda medicine in Frankfurt. She also takes over the medical supervision of Panchakarma cures at the Rosenberg Ayurveda Health and Spa Centre. One of her specialties is Western and Ayurvedic Phythotherapy. She is a book author and has many years of experience as a lecturer in Ayurvedic medicine.

Dr. Sandeep Nair (D)

Ayurveda physician
Dr. Sandeep Nair is a research associate and Ayurvedic physician in the Department of Neurology and Complementary Medicine at Augusta-Kranken-Anstalt Hattingen, Germany since September 2011. He is working with Univ. Prof. Dr. med. Przuntek on various research projects such as the influence of Vasthi and Ayurveda diet on microbiomics and the influence of Nasya on hyposmia of Parkinson's disease patients. His main responsibilities include diagnosing and treating patients with extrapyramidal movement disorders and other neurodegenerative diseases using complementary methods, training neurologists, therapists, and nurses on complementary medicine, and conducting clinical trials, observational studies, and systematic reviews of various treatment approaches for Parkinson's disease. Dr. Nair is a former assistant professor of panchakarma at MVR Ayurveda Medical College Kannur, Kerala. He completed his BAMS and MD in Panchakarma at Government Ayurveda College Trivandrum, his MSc in Neurorehabilitation Research at Danube University Krems, Austria, and his specialization in Clinical Research and ICH GCP at Pharma Academy Leipzig, Germany. Dr. Nair is one of the board members of IFAD (Indian Professional Association of Ayurveda Germany).

Prof. Ashtavaidyan Narayanan Nambi (IND)

Director of the Institute of Ayurveda SNA Oushadhasala
Prof. A.N. Nambi MD (Ayu) represents the rich heritage of the Ashtavaidyas, for centuries the largest family of traditional doctors in India. He is active as a speaker, lecturer and physician in clinical practice and research. In addition to his position as director of the Institute of Ayurveda S.N.A. Oushadhasla (P) Ltd,
Thrissur, Kerala, he is a faculty member at Ayurvedic Point, Italy. He also served as scientific coordinator of the INDRA network and was a member of the Council for International Cooperation of Indian System of Medicine in the AYUSH Department of the Indian Government.

Prof. Dr. Tanuja Nesari (IND)

Director, All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA)
Prof. Dr. Tanuja Nesari, BAMS, MD (Ayu), PhD (Ayu) Director, All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA). She is the Chair for the Health Sector sub-skill Council for AYUSH and a member of Governing Council of IMS, BHU. Dr. Nesari is also a member of the General Assembly of ICCR, a Member of the Board of Governors, CCIM and serves on the academic board of various universities like ITRA, Jamnagar & National Academic and Research Bodies.
She serves as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of CCRAS and domain expert of the Technical Screening Committee (TSC) of NMPB. Her influential leadership has brought more than 20 MOUs into the credit of AIIA. She played a key role in converting AIIA Hospital, New Delhi into COVID Healthcare Centre, where the patients are being provided holistic Ayurveda treatment.

Dr. Manish Patel (IND)

Ayurveda physician
Manish Patel MD, PhD in Kayachikitsa, works as Professor and Head of the Postgraduate Department of Kayachikitsa, J. S. Ayurveda College, Nadiad, India, where he works closely with Prof. Dr. S.N. Gupta. He has more than 20 years of clinical experience and has been actively teaching since 2007. Among other things, he gives practical/clinical training to students of the European Academy of Ayurveda and other institutions from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Numerous publications about his research in areas that were only sporadically present in Ayurvedic clinical research, such as chronic renal failure, nephrotic syndrome, liver cirrhosis, ulcerative colitis, diabetic neuropathy and Parkinsonism.

Cornelis Peters (NL)

Cornelis Peters studied pharmacology and physiology at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and became a research associate at several leading hospitals in the Netherlands. Among them is the famous Dutch Cancer Institute, Antony van Leeuwenhoek. During a sabbatical in India, he came across Ayurveda and became fascinated with this healing method that he studied to become an Ayurveda doctor. He founded the Europa Ayurveda Centre in the Netherlands with his late wife, Dr. V.P. Mohana Kumari, and son Vighnesh M. Peters. Together they are the inspiring driving force behind this institute. Europa Ayurveda Centre (EAC) is an agricultural estate with treatment and research facilities. The center is actively involved in research projects with Ayurvedic medicinal plants grown on 10 ha of land owned by the center.

Europa Ayurveda Centre (EAC) is an agricultural estate with treatment and research facilities. The centre is actively involved in research projects with Ayurvedic medicinal plants grown on 10 hectares of land owned by the centre.


Christian Rackwitz, MD (D)

Specialist in general medicine, additional qualification in emergency medicine, Medical Ayurveda Specialist (REAA)
Dr. Christian Rackwitz studied medicine at the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin and now works in a general practice in Fulda. He acquired his ayurvedic medical expertise at the European Academy of Ayurveda and deepened it during several stays abroad in Kerala, Pune and New Delhi. At the REAA he is currently working as a research coordinator, among others in cooperation with the All India Institute of Ayurveda in New Delhi.

Dr. Shrikrishna Rajagopala (IND)

Ayurvedic pediatrician at the AIIA
Dr. Rajagopala Shrikrishna MD (Ayu) PhD is specialized in Ayurveda pediatrics. After completing his PG training he served for 4 years at the undergraduate colleges in Karnataka. During his more than 15 years at Gujarat Ayurveda University he was lecturer and course coordinator for the BAMS study program exclusively for foreigners according to ICAS (International Centre for Ayurveda Studies). He has more than 28 years of professional experience and more than 15 years of exclusive teaching and research experience at postgraduate level. He currently works as Associate Professor and Head, Dept. of Kaumarabhritya (Ayurveda Pediatrics) at the All India Institute of Ayurveda, New Delhi.

Hans H. Rhyner MD (CH)

Practitioner of alternative medicine
Hans Heinrich Rhyner, MD, PhD (Alternative Medicine), Dipl. NHP Ayurveda Medicine, is a recognized expert and pioneer of Ayurvedic medicine in Europe. He lived in India for 25 years and ran his own clinic in Bangalore. He looks back on 40 years of clinical experience and is the author of textbooks on Ayurveda. He applies his knowledge in his Swiss practice in Teufen, in Munich, Vienna and on Mallorca as well as in his manufacture of Ayurveda products in Austria.

Stefan Ries HP (D)

Practitioner of alternative medicine, Ayurveda physician, physiotherapist
Stefan Ries is a non-medical practitioner with a degree in Ayurveda medicine (certified Ayurveda specialist), physiotherapist, yoga teacher, lecturer and trainer for Ayurveda. With his holistic knowledge he enriches the cures and retreats at the Rosenberg Ayurveda Health and Spa Centre. In addition, he runs his own naturopathic practice in Heidelberg according to Ayurvedic principles.

HP Theresa Rosenberg BA MSc (D)

Naturopath, MSc in Ayurvedic Medicine
Theresa Rosenberg is a non-medical practitioner specializing in Ayurvedic medicine and completed studies in Ayurvedic medicine at the European Academy of Ayurveda. In her own practice in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, she performs medical consultations, nutritional counseling, constitutional determinations, individual cures, and medical manual therapies. In addition to her practice, she works as an Ayurvedic physician in the Rosenberg Therapy and Competence Center and as a lecturer at the REAA in Birstein. She is also an expert in Ayurvedic medicine for animals.

Kerstin Rosenberg (D)

Specialist for Ayurveda nutrition
Kerstin Rosenberg runs the European Academy for Ayurveda together with her husband. The internationally renowned specialist for Ayurveda and nutrition has been training people in Ayurveda nutrition and health counselling, psychology and therapy throughout Europe since 1996. She has 25 years of practical experience in Ayurveda and is in daily contact with patients, training participants and spa guests. As an author, she has published numerous Ayurveda books, which are among the best known works of Ayurveda literature.

Mark Rosenberg (D)

Director of the European Academy for Ayurveda
Mark Rosenberg heads the European Academy for Ayurveda and is managing partner of the Rosenberg Ayurveda companies. He has many years of experience as a management consultant, Vastu expert and Yoga teacher BDY/EYU. He is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of VEAT - Berufsverband Europäischer Ayurveda-Mediziner und -Therapeuten e.V. He was awarded the prestigious Vaidya Sundarlal Joshi Memorial Management Award by MGMS (India) to honour him for his outstanding management achievements in the field of Ayurveda. He also received the IASTAM Pandit Shiv Sharma Oration Award.

Dr Shubhangee Satam (IND)

Ayurvedic doctor
Dr. Shubhangee Satam is an Ayurvedic physician specializing in Dravyaguna. She has extensive experience in Ayurvedic Pharmacy as well as clinical practice. She also consults leading Ayurvedic pharmaceutical manufacturers at the international level and conducts seminars in the US and Europe.

Dr. med. Janna Scharfenberg (D)

General practitioner and Ayurveda expert
Janna Scharfenberg, MD, is a general practitioner, Ayurvedic expert, best-selling author, yoga teacher, and health and nutrition coach. With her diverse training and further education offers, Books and weekly Podcast she wants to inspire as many people as possible to simply live a healthy life.

Dr. Rajat Sharma (NL)

Ayurveda doctor
Vaidya Rajat Sharma is an expert in pulse diagnosis and has worked for Maharishi Ayurveda for 12 years. He holds a bachelor's degree in Ayurveda and Medicine from Punjab University and is a 4th generation descendant of a traditional Vaidya family. He has supplemented his studies with advanced training in Diet, Nutrition - Health Education, Naturopathy and Yoga, Medical Astrology and Panchakarma. He has also studied the health effects of climate change at Harvard University.

Vaidya Rajat Sharma's main interest is managing gut health as it is the basis of most health problems. He currently treats chronic diseases such as respiratory, digestive and reproductive diseases, blood sugar, blood pressure, obesity and high cholesterol, liver and kidney problems, hemorrhoids, skin problems, allergies, immunity, joint pain, improving the quality of life of cancer patients, stress and sleep problems, etc.

Dr Ram Shukla (IND)

Ayurveda doctor
Dr. Ram Bhartendu Shukla MD (Ayu) is Assistant Professor at the Post Graduate Department of Panchkarma at Govt. Akhandanand Ayurveda College, Ahmedabad (Gujarat), where he is also Principal Investigator of a research project in Thalassemina. As of 2021, he has twelve years of teaching experience in the field of Panchakarma, including eight years of teaching experience in the Postgraduate Department of Panchakarma. So far, he has supervised ten postgraduate theses of post-graduate research scholars in the Department of Panchakarma. He has huge experience in treating Covid-19 and Mucormycosis patients.

Win Silvester MA (D)

Ayurveda physician and health trainer
Win Silvester MA holds a master's degree in health management and heads the Q-Fitness Academy in Bonn. He completed a three-year study of Ayurveda medicine, supplemented by study visits to India and Sri Lanka. He also teaches the South Indian martial art Kalaripayattu, in which movement, meditation and massage come together. With his many years of training and course-leading experience, he enriches the Ayurveda Academy as a translator and specialist lecturer.

Vaidya Mrunmayee Atulchandra Thombare (IND)

Dr. Mrunmayee Jategaonkar has a postgraduate degree in Ayurvedic Samhita and Siddhant (study of the basic principles and texts of Ayurveda) and in Sanskrit. She completed her practical training in Ayurveda with her father Atulchandra Thombare, who is a highly respected vaidya in the field of Panchakarma Chikitsa and has been working in Ayurveda for over 35 years.

Dr. Mrunmayee Jategaonkar practices in two private clinics in Pune. She has special experience in the field of infertility, pre- and postnatal treatment and consultation. She treats patients with both Panchakarma (Shodhan) and Shamana.

Dr. med. Nadine Webering (D)

Specialist in neurology, Ayurvedic physician
Dr. med. Nadine Webering worked for a long time in a leading position in acute neurolgy in various clinics before she decided to study traditional Indian medicine at the Chair of Naturopathic Medicine at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Most recently, she worked in the Department of Neurology and Complementary Medicine (Ayurveda) at the Protestant Hospital in Hattingen as a senior physician. Today, she runs her own online company where she offers Ayurveda consultations online, among other things, making Ayurveda accessible to people who do not want to travel far to see an expert. Her main focus is the treatment of neurological diseases with Ayurveda and her first book "Migraine holistically treated with Ayurveda" was published on this topic. She is also a lecturer in Ayurvedic medicine.