Theresa Rosenberg BA (D)

Theresa Rosenberg BA (D)

Student of Ayurveda Medicine MSc
As a long-time trainer of horse and rider Theresa Rosenberg completed her bachelor thesis on the topic "Ayurveda for horses". This thesis provides a profound insight into veterinary Ayurveda medicine and its holistic fields of action. A successful application of Ayurveda on horses was found through her own experiences.

Ayurveda massage for horses

Year: 2017
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" Ayurveda herbal therapy for horses

Year: 2017

Ayurveda herbal therapy for horses
Theresa Rosenberg BA
In the lecture the bachelor thesis "Use of ayurvedic medicinal plants on horses - Possible therapeutic approaches for the treatment of eczema, hay dust allergy and faeces water" will be presented.

It is a scientific literature work about the application of Ayurveda in veterinary medicine, especially on horses. It shows not only the range of application and experiences of veterinary medicine with Ayurveda, but also its presence on its home continent. Not without reason she is preferred by 80% local farmers and animal owners. Nevertheless, there are few written traditions of Ayurveda for animal diseases.

The aim of the work is to show the possibility of Ayurvedic treatment for horses. Using the examples of eczema, faecal water and haystack allergy, recipes with ayurvedic medicinal plants were created.