Hans H. Rhyner MD (CH)

Hans H. Rhyner MD (CH)

Practitioner of alternative medicine
Hans Heinrich Rhyner, MD, PhD (Alternative Medicine), Dipl. NHP Ayurveda Medicine, is a recognized expert and pioneer of Ayurvedic medicine in Europe. He lived in India for 25 years and ran his own clinic in Bangalore. He looks back on 40 years of clinical experience and is the author of textbooks on Ayurveda. He applies his knowledge in his Swiss practice in Teufen, in Munich, Vienna and on Mallorca as well as in his manufacture of Ayurveda products in Austria.

Pariksha Siddhi - Secrets to the perfect diagnosis

Year: 2023

In this workshop, you will learn how to use rituals, tools, structures and procedures to always achieve the best possible findings. For the first time, Ayurvedic physician Hans H. Rhyner shares secrets from his working methods over the last 40 years. You will not find these in any book. There will also be no documentation. Are you with us?

Holistic accompaniment of a single woman with desire to have children »

Year: 2022

The unusual story of a single woman who desperately wanted a child (before the biological clock ran out), had one - and eventually a loving partner and father.

Case study of the patient over a period of 6 years: Preparation outpatient and with Pancakarma for sperm donation of a 41-year-old woman. Accompaniment during pregnancy, lactation and infant.

Diagnostic techniques to identify disorders of the Dhatus and Upadhatus

Year: 2022
Unfortunately there is no description here yet.

» Treatment of Long-Covid patients with Ayurveda

Year: 2021

Although Ayurveda is a millennia-old medical system, its working models can also be used to explain and treat so-called new diseases such as Covid-19. The concept of infectious diseases caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses was known. Unlike modern medicine, Ayurveda considers a Covid-19 infection as an endogenous disease. This becomes obvious because the infection can be completely asymptomatic or life threatening.

India has gone through 2 waves. The first one was mild. During this period, Ayurvedic physicians had access to the first people affected by the infection and were involved in their treatments. This allowed them to gain immediate experience. They came to the conclusion that the symptoms of Covid-19 were related to the disease known in the Ayurveda Vata-Kapha-Jwara correlated and adjusted the treatment with success.

In my Swiss practice, I treat a majority of Post-Covid-19 cases after mild or moderate progression. The cases described in Post-Covid-19 studies are very diverse. Severe lung damage, inflammatory reactions, neurological disorders, respiratory distress, changes in organs, fatigue were observed mainly in hospitalized cases. However, even in mild courses, post-Covid-19 fatigue, depression and nonspecific inflammatory processes can occur. I explain the procedure with three case studies.

Crises as triggers for anxiety and mental disorders - challenges for Ayurveda therapists

Year: 2021
Unfortunately there is no description here yet.

"Case Study: Complementary Ayurveda Therapy for Prostate Cancer

Year: 2018

Case Study: Complementary Ayurvedic Therapy for Prostate Carcinoma
Hans H. Rhyner
MD, PhD (Alternative Medicine), Dipl. NHP Ayurveda Medicine

For some time now the old faith struggle between orthodox and alternative medicine has been ignited in an unprecedented aggressiveness. My case study is intended to show how successful a community medicine approach can be. In mid-January 2018, a 62-year-old patient was diagnosed with a poorly differentiated acinar prostate carcinoma Gleason Score 10 on the left in the peripheral zone of the prostate and a well differentiated acinar prostate carcinoma Gleason Score 6 on the right. Prior to the planned primary therapy, I underwent intensive Ayurvedic treatments for almost 6 weeks - dietary, physical and medicinal. During the surgical procedure at the beginning of March 2018, adenocarcinoma of the prostate Gleason Score 7 (previously 10) was detected only on the left side, i.e. less aggressive and differentiated (previously not differentiated). There was no 2nd tumor anymore, although tissue was visible in the bone scintigraphy and ultrasound in January and was removed by biopsy. The course of the classic radical prostatectomy was without problems. No metastases were detected.

Ayurveda therapies for the fat distribution disorder lipedema

Year: 2019

Lipedema is a pathological fat distribution disorder of unknown cause. It occurs exclusively in women, symmetrically on the hips, legs and buttocks and usually also on the arms. Depending on the severity of the disorder, three stages are distinguished. The severity of the symptoms, especially the painfulness, is not necessarily linked to the stage classification. Conventional measures often do not work and surgical interventions can be problematic. Ayurveda's holistic approach can bring about noticeable improvement and a slowdown in progression, especially in the first two stages. From an Ayurvedic point of view, the physiological structures and factors involved are Medo Dhatu, Medhovaha Shrota, Twak and Medhagni. They can be regulated and strengthened by dietary and physical measures.

Diagnosis of Manasa Prakriti - the mental constitution

Year: 2019

To determine the individual constitution Ayurveda uses two working models:

- (1) On the basis of the Triguna - Sattva, Rajas and Tamas the character or mental constitution is determined, i.e. the epigenetics
- (2) The Tridosha Vata, Pitta and Kapha are decisive for the physical constitution, i.e. the genetics

In this workshop you will be able to assess your patients according to the Triguna factors. For this purpose I will show you the consequences if you evaluate your clients only according to Vata, Pitta or Kapha.