Dr. Astrid Gerstemeier (D)

Dr. Astrid Gerstemeier (D)

Graduate ecotrophologist
Dr. Astrid Gerstemeier has been self-employed for over 20 years in her own practice for holistic classical and Ayurvedic nutritional advice and coaching. From 2001-2006 she was also head of the nutrition department of the outpatient neurodermatitis therapy centre Schwelmer Modell. In 2010 she founded the Sonnenberg Health Centre in Wiesbaden, which she still runs today. In holistic coaching sessions she accompanies clients in the development of new behavioural patterns to improve their quality of life. As an experienced lecturer and specialist, she trains professionals and patients in Ayurvedic and classical dietetics. She holds a doctorate in oecotrophology, is an Ayurvedic nutrition and health consultant (European Academy of Ayurveda), certified nutritionist (VDOE), nutritional expert for allergology (DAAB) and coach for holistic personality coaching (Academy for Holistic Leadership).

» Gut health and confidence - a balanced microbiome, including immune response to Covid-19

Year: 2021

How does a balanced microbiome condition our mental mood for the day, especially the current everyday life, which is in many ways characterized by uncertainty. How do we influence our personal microbiome through our behavior and our thoughts as well as through the conscious or unconscious selection of our meals and our lifestyle? How do we thereby already give an answer to influences from "outside". How useful are supplements?

Triggering correlations for stress, the composition of meals, the type of preparation, the meal structure/frequency as essential adjusting screws for more well-being in body and mind. Holistic view and relevance of nutritional therapy support in prevention and convalescence.

The gut in constant trouble - Ayurveda and chronic inflammation

Year: 2020
Unfortunately there is no description here yet.

Food intolerances, lactose, fructose, histamine - how do I regain a good gut feeling?

Year: 2019

Holistic consideration under nutritional and ayurvedic aspects

Every tenth person in Germany now suffers from symptoms such as heartburn, pressure in the upper abdomen, stomach pain, bloating, abdominal cramps, sudden "diarrhoea" or constipation. In the therapy of clients with gastroenterological complaints, the symptoms of food allergies, carbohydrate malassimilations and histamine intolerance often overlap. However, not every "I can't..." has a disease behind it. New production methods or food compositions and an increase in out-of-home consumption cause many a stomach to suffer without being truly ill. Does avoiding seemingly causal triggers (lactose, fructose, sorbitol, histamine, etc.) really bring the desired success? A holistic view helps to better track down the causes in everyday life. Digestive organs can be overstrained or understrained due to lack of practice. Instead of more and more restriction, it can also be a matter of developing tolerance.
In the holistic consulting practice, the focus is on careful anamnesis, examination of findings and lifestyle analysis, the igniting or mitigating of Agni as well as the consideration of emotional influences. Under consideration of the client's life situation, the knowledge of the triggers and the triggering connections, the meal composition, the type of preparation, the meal structure/frequency are the essential parameters for a long-term successful holistic support of clients with food intolerances. The modern scientific considerations of Oecotrophology and Ayurveda are always combined with each other.