Dr. med. Nadine Webering (D)

Dr. med. Nadine Webering (D)

Specialist in neurology, Ayurvedic physician
Dr. med. Nadine Webering worked for a long time in a leading position in acute neurolgy in various clinics before she decided to study traditional Indian medicine at the Chair of Naturopathic Medicine at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Most recently, she worked in the Department of Neurology and Complementary Medicine (Ayurveda) at the Protestant Hospital in Hattingen as a senior physician. Today, she runs her own online company where she offers Ayurveda consultations online, among other things, making Ayurveda accessible to people who do not want to travel far to see an expert. Her main focus is the treatment of neurological diseases with Ayurveda and her first book "Migraine holistically treated with Ayurveda" was published on this topic. She is also a lecturer in Ayurvedic medicine.

High sensitivity and how the knowledge about the Pancamahabhutas supports everyday life

Year: 2023

From a western point of view, high sensitivity is related to an overactive nervous system, which takes in unfiltered information via the sense organs. Dr. Nadine Webering presents the connection to air and ether and shows how the work with the other elements (especially earth and water) supports, in the sense of "like increases like, opposites create balance".

Ayurvedic therapy for migraine »

Year: 2022

Migraine is a chronic neurological disease and, with approximately 8 million sufferers in Germany, one of the most common forms of headache. During the attacks, sufferers suffer not only from headaches, but also from other limitations that usually render them incapable of acting. Many sufferers have so many attacks that a normal life is hardly possible.

In addition to acute therapy with painkillers and special migraine medications and prophylactic medication, Western medicine also offers recommendations for lifestyle changes and relaxation. However, experience has shown that these are not effective or feasible for all sufferers. Here, above all, the individual approach of Ayurveda has a very high value. Through therapy of the current imbalance, it is possible to drastically reduce the frequency of migraine attacks and many sufferers are attack-free for long periods of time.

In addition, migraine is a very good example of the fact that in Ayurvedic diagnosis one must always include knowledge from allopathic medicine and not rely purely on the scriptures. Many colleagues see migraine as a Pitta disease and treat accordingly. However, through the knowledge of allopathic medicine about the peculiarities of the migraine brain, we can today make a completely different classification and thus gain a deeper understanding of the needs of the sufferer.

In this lecture, Nadine Webering, MD, brings together her knowledge and experience from treating people with migraines as both a neurologist and an Ayurvedic physician, creating a holistic view of this common and important condition.

» Multiple sclerosis - an insight from a conventional medical and ayurvedic point of view

Year: 2021

Multiple sclerosis is arguably the most common autoimmune neurological disease and yet Western medicine has yet to find a cure for it.

In this article Dr. Nadine Webering gives an insight into the view of conventional medicine and Ayurveda on multiple sclerosis and shows where there are similarities in the causes and therapeutic approaches and where they differ.