Dr. med. Kalpana Bandecar (D)

Kalpana Bandecar, MD (D)

Doctor and Ayurveda specialist
Dr. med. Kalpana Bandecar is a doctor and specialist for Ayurvedic medicine and yoga therapy. She completed her training with Dr. S.N.Gupta in Nadiad/India and the REAA in Birstein. For many years she has been working successfully in her own practice in Berlin and Hanover. She is also a journalist and writes for various professional journals. As a book author she has published 2 books: "Ayurveda for Children" with Kerstin Rosenberg and "Absolutely Hot and Healthy". She is currently working on her online magazine "AlltrueSecrets", which will be published in late autumn.

The most effective way to strengthen the immune system - techniques from yoga and Ayurveda

Year: 2021
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