Jasmin Jeß (D)

Jasmin Jeß (D)

Ayurveda cook and nutrition coach, founder of "Prana up your life".
Jasmin Jeß is a Mindfulness & Ayurveda Coach and founded 'Prana up your life' together with her sister Josephine. In their podcast, book & workshops of the same name they talk about a simple & undogmatic holistic lifestyle, nutrition and the mind-body connection. Ayurveda & Mindfulness are the basis for their work, with which they have already inspired over 500 women in their online coaching, courses and membership.

Ayurvedic morning routine with breathwork and intention setting »

Year: 2022

Mindful Morning Bliss

The Ayurvedic morning routine is empowering, transformative and loving. It has so many sides & layers that can be customized to fit the morning. A blend of millennia old traditions & modern advancements. Are you ready to discover for yourself the routine that really does you good? Then check out our video - it's for experienced Ayurvedis and equally for those who have never heard of it. Let's conjure up a Morning Bliss together!

Everything in Flow? Order therapy in chaotic times

Year: 2021
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