Katharina Döricht (D)

Katharina Döricht (D)

Ayurveda nutrition and health consultant, founder of "Tasty Katy
Katharina Döricht is a holistic Ayurvedic nutrition and health advisor, consultant in intestinal health and yoga teacher. Since 5 years she runs the blog "Tasty Katy", has a podcast "Naturally Healthy" which is all about holistic health. She is also the author of the book "Modern Ayurveda" and studies nutrition therapy at the HS Anhalt.

» Ayurvedic diet as therapy

Year: 2021

In the meantime, it is becoming more and more known what a great effect nutrition has on our daily well-being, the development and also the course / healing of diseases. In Ayurveda it is already known for a few thousand years that we can strongly influence the state of health through nutrition. In the lecture "Nutrition as therapy" it is about the power of nutrition, how it can be used according to the Ayurvedic principles constitutionally, the importance of digestion and how herbs and spices can be used.