The Academy

In 1993 Kerstin and Mark Rosenberg acquired a listed forester's lodge in the Vogelsberg to build the headquarters of the European Academy for Ayurveda - a place where Ayurveda is taught and lived. Since then, the non-profit organisation has trained more than 20,000 people in traditional Indian medicine. The range of training offered covers the specialist areas of Ayurveda medicine | nutrition, dietetics and health coaching | massage and therapy | yoga, meditation and psychology | Vastu, Jyotisha and Sanskrit. Today the Academy is one of the most renowned centres of excellence for Ayurveda in Europe. Its quality standards are ensured by intensive cooperation with Indian and European universities, clinics and professional associations as well as by recognized certifications. In addition to the lively campus in Birstein, there are now branches in Berlin, Vienna and Zurich.


The spa center

The Rosenberg Ayurveda Health and Spa Centre has stood for Ayurveda at the highest level since 1993. In the middle of the Hessian Vogelsberg, a modern therapy centre has been created, which combines sophisticated design with a personal atmosphere. The founders Mark and Kerstin Rosenberg see Ayurveda as traditional Indian medicine and attach great importance to offering authentic cures. In order to ensure the quality of the treatments, they work exclusively with experienced doctors and therapists who have many years of training. The cure centre is affiliated to the European Academy for Ayurveda. Through the university connection and the constant exchange with Ayurveda experts from India and Europe, modern scientific knowledge flows directly into the treatment concepts. The dietary competence of the house is to be emphasized. The spa guests enjoy a certified organic cuisine, which implements Ayurvedic principles with regional food.

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