Dr. med. Hedwig H. Gupta (D)

Dr. med. Hedwig H. Gupta (D)

Specialist in orthopaedics and rheumatology
Hedwig H. Gupta, MD, is a specialist in orthopedics and rheumatology with a focus on Ayurveda and therapeutic yoga. She first studied Ayurveda in the Gurukula system with Dr. OP Tiwari. From 1999 she did post graduate studies of Ayurveda at BHU (Banaras Hindu University). Studied Sanskrit and Yoga there as well. Today she is based in Asperg. Head of the vidya sagar academy for Ayurveda and yoga therapy, 2nd chairwoman of DÄGAM e.V. (German Medical Society for Ayurveda Medicine) and 2nd chairwoman of DeGYT e.V. (German Society for Yoga Therapy).

Ayurvedic treatment of breastfed children »

Year: 2022

For newborns and babies are agni, the digestive fire, and bala, the strength, still very weakly developed. The mother's milk is easily digestible and strengthens. Only with this milk as a comprehensive food, the child grows after birth, until it is able to digest more and diverse foods. Thus, breast milk holds a key position for the health of the child. With which methods one proceeds in the Ᾱyurveda, in order to promote the children, who are breastfed, in their development, and how one treats them in this time āyurvedisch, shows this lecture.

Vyadhi gataka, the 5 disease factors

Year: 2021
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Crises as triggers for anxiety and mental disorders - challenges for Ayurveda therapists

Year: 2021
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» Ayurvedic support during pregnancy and puerperium

Year: 2020

Pregnancy and birth are the great wonders of life. Within a few months, a new being with a life of its own emerges, which is completely nourished by the mother. This requires an incredible metabolic and adaptive effort from the expectant mother. Not only the body adapts: the whole woman changes.

What happens from the point of view of Ayurveda during this time? How can one support the mother-to-be and the child during this time with Ayurvedic means? How can possible disorders be prevented and, if necessary, treated with Ayurvedic means? How do we in Ayurveda ensure that the life of the two closely connected people after birth is successful?

This lecture gives an insight into prasuti-tantra, the specialist area of Ayurvedic obstetrics.

"Classical Pancakarma in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Year: 2018

Classical pañcakarma in patients with rheumatoid arthritis - concrete procedure and practical experience
Hedwig H. Gupta MD
Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory joint disease from the rheumatic form. In orthodox medicine, the aetiological assumption is that it is an autoimmune disease and therefore, in addition to symptomatic therapy, it is treated by immunomodulating and immunosuppressive means.
The Āyurveda describes a disease called §mav§ta. It has many similarities with R.A. and also runs in stages. However, āmavāta is by no means considered an autoimmune disease, which leads to a completely different therapeutic approach. A central position in this approach is taken by the classical pañcakarma, a differentiated therapy system for cleansing the patient from doṣas.
In this lecture, the steps of the pañcakarma are explained, the concrete decision tree is presented and experiences with the individual therapy steps as well as results of the overall therapy are reported from practice.