» Das Konzept der Immunität im Ayurveda

Jahr: 2020
Sprache: Englisch

In last years until end of 2019, attention was paid more to non-communicable diseases, particularly in relation to their management of Ayurveda. Communicable diseases were not an important issue. It was believed that Ayurveda is useful in non-communicable diseases but not in communicable diseases. Now suddenly paradigm is shifted to communicable diseases and immunity. People are concerned about immunity because Present pandemic has put the question mark on antimicrobial approach for which we have been proud of. Ayurvedic approach is not microbe oriented, for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. This is person oriented. In Ayurveda immunity is not limited to infections and neoplasia but a defense against all diseases. To understand the defense system, we may take example of defense system of a castle, which includes strong wall, watch guards at entry points and patrolling soldiers inside. Similar to that we have defense system in our body in which outer most barrier is our skin and mucous membrane, inner to that macrophages and complements etc. and the innermost level of antibodies and cellular defense.

In Ayurveda the equivalent word for immunity is vyadhiksamatva which is an outcome of strong bala which again is based on normal status of body components most particularly kapha, rasa and ojas. Science is emphasizing much on microbe related immunity which is now questioned. While in Ayurveda it is generalized and based on strengthening the barriers at every level. Moreover, Ayurveda considers immunity at different levels viz. universal level, social or familial level and personal level. To attain immunity there is no instant method. The measures consist of pro-nature behavior, planned progeny, wholesome daily routines (including food according to rules), seasonal regimen, periodic cleansing and rasayana.