» How Ayurveda helps with periodontosis

Year: 2020
Language: German

Parodontitis, as it is called by experts, is a dangerous disease of the periodontium. 80 % of the Germans suffer from it. However, most people do not even notice it.

Bacteria enter the bloodstream via the gum pocket, settle in vessels, heart valves and joints and cause all kinds of problems - from arteriosclerosis to heart attacks and premature birth. While dentists used to assume that the origin was bacteria that romped around in the gum pockets, we now know that periodontitis is at least as often not a disease in itself but a symptom.

Since periodontitis affects the entire body, a holistic therapy is necessary. Ayurveda helps us wonderfully here. In this lecture you will learn how Ayurveda can enrich modern dentistry and lead to the long-awaited healing of periodontitis - for the benefit of the patient.