Dr. med. dent. Annette Jasper (D)

D.M.D. Annette Jasper (D)

Holistic dentist, Ayurveda specialist
D.M.D. Annette Jasper has been running her own practice in Munich for 20 years. Already at the beginning of her career she decided to work holistically and, if possible, not to use metal. Her special expertise lies in the fields of implantology and CMD (cranio-mandibular dysfunction). She deals with functional disorders and their effects such as tinnitus, back problems and headaches. Accordingly, she regularly lectures on the topic of tinnitus as a guest speaker in ENT clinics. In Dr. Japser's practice, factors from naturopathy and Ayurveda flow into the highly modern dental medicine.

» How Ayurveda helps with periodontosis

Year: 2020

Parodontitis, as it is called by experts, is a dangerous disease of the periodontium. 80 % of the Germans suffer from it. However, most people do not even notice it.

Bacteria enter the bloodstream via the gum pocket, settle in vessels, heart valves and joints and cause all kinds of problems - from arteriosclerosis to heart attacks and premature birth. While dentists used to assume that the origin was bacteria that romped around in the gum pockets, we now know that periodontitis is at least as often not a disease in itself but a symptom.

Since periodontitis affects the entire body, a holistic therapy is necessary. Ayurveda helps us wonderfully here. In this lecture you will learn how Ayurveda can enrich modern dentistry and lead to the long-awaited healing of periodontitis - for the benefit of the patient.

How dental treatment (destroys) the microbiome

Year: 2019

Teeth are connected to the body and its organs in many ways 1. via the blood circulation 2. via the lymph and the basic substance 3. via the meridians/nadis 4. via the psyche Because of these connections, teeth can disturb our health in many ways. While Ayurveda has known this for a long time, the school dentist still has great difficulty in recognizing these connections. In one area, however, the development is fortunately surprisingly far. Unfortunately, this has not yet got around in many places. It is about the MIkrobiom. While some people have never heard this term before, holistic and holistic dentists help their patients in a pleasing way. So what is the microbiome? According to Joshua Lindenberg, the microbiome is "the ecological community of all communal, symbolic and pathogenic organisms that colonize our organism". This term was popularized by him in 2001. The microbiome is thus the totality of all bacteria and organisms in and on our body. The microbiome is individual for each one and is like a fingerprint. The human being is colonized by about 100 billion bacteria. Most of them are found in the gastrointestinal tract. But also on the mucous membranes and the skin. The mucous membrane of the mouth plays a central role. It is well known that substances enter the bloodstream via the mucous membranes in a matter of seconds. We could not live without the trillions of microbes that live in and on our bodies. We could not break down important nutrients, we could not process many signals and our immune system would not work. Our immune system is in a constant balancing act between defence and tolerance. The immune system can only manage this balancing act with the help of the microbiome. For this reason it is very important to protect the microbiom! Changes in the mouth microbiome can lead to digestive disorders! What threatens the microbiom? - The biggest threat is the use of antibiotics. Unfortunately, antibiotics do not distinguish between the good and the bad bacteria. - By constantly disinfecting the mouth cavity, important bacteria are still killed. This is exactly what happens daily in most dental practices. It happens not only when it is necessary, but also when a patient "only" comes for professional dental cleaning and voluntarily wants to do something for his health. - Dramatically, this also happens completely unintentionally through the wrong choice of mouth rinse and dental care products. These are usually much too sour and too spicy. For this reason, Muskanadent's products are mild, ayurvedic-based and alkaline. They protect the microbiome and regenerate the oral flora. You are welcome to listen to the lecture of Dr. Annette Jasper on this topic.