» The Ayurvedic treatment of fatigue as a result of Covid-19

Year: 2021
Language: English, German

Among the manifold symptoms, which can be found after a COVID 19-infection, Fatigue occupies an important position. This phenomenon of deep-seated exhaustion on physical, emotional and cognitive levels is also found in the context of other diseases and is experienced as a profound impairment by patients.

In āyurvedic perspective Fatigue as a consequence or corollary of an different disease is a typical manifestation of the sixth stage (Kriyākāla) in disease-development. An attempt to categorise the symptoms from an āyurvedic perspective, might find symptoms of a Vāta-imbalance (the Suśruta-Saṃhitā’s – Sū. 15.36 - formulation of “reduced vitality in activities” might be mentioned here) as well as signs of a weakness of Agni and an Āma-condition. Therefore, Fatigue as a symptom of a Post-COVID 19-syndrome can be treated by agni-enhancing and vāta-regulating measures. As is always the case in Āyurveda, here, too, the individual therapeutic strategy is to be based on systematic āyurvedic diagnostics.Kriyākāla) in the development of the disease. If one tries to classify the symptoms āyurvedically, one finds symptoms of a Vāta disturbance (here, in particular, the "low vitality in activities" described in the Suśruta-Saṃhitā - Sū. 15.36 - should be mentioned) as well as signs of an Agni weakness and a Āma state. In this sense, then, fatigue can be treated with agni-strengthening and vāta-balancing treatments. As is otherwise the case in Āyurveda, the individual therapeutic procedure must be planned and carried out on the basis of a thorough diagnosis.