» Treatment of Long-Covid patients with Ayurveda

Year: 2021
Language: German

Although Ayurveda is a millennia-old medical system, its working models can also be used to explain and treat so-called new diseases such as Covid-19. The concept of infectious diseases caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses was known. Unlike modern medicine, Ayurveda considers a Covid-19 infection as an endogenous disease. This becomes obvious because the infection can be completely asymptomatic or life threatening.

India has gone through 2 waves. The first one was mild. During this period, Ayurvedic physicians had access to the first people affected by the infection and were involved in their treatments. This allowed them to gain immediate experience. They came to the conclusion that the symptoms of Covid-19 were related to the disease known in the Ayurveda Vata-Kapha-Jwara correlated and adjusted the treatment with success.

In my Swiss practice, I treat a majority of Post-Covid-19 cases after mild or moderate progression. The cases described in Post-Covid-19 studies are very diverse. Severe lung damage, inflammatory reactions, neurological disorders, respiratory distress, changes in organs, fatigue were observed mainly in hospitalized cases. However, even in mild courses, post-Covid-19 fatigue, depression and nonspecific inflammatory processes can occur. I explain the procedure with three case studies.