Dr. med. Dietrich Wachsmuth (D)

Dr. med. Dietrich Wachsmuth (D)

Physician for general medicine and naturopathy
Dr. med Dietrich Wachsmuth studied medicine with a focus on psychosomatics and trained in naturopathy and homeopathy. Additionally he became a teacher for Transcendental Meditation. His doctoral thesis dealt with the topics of brain waves and consciousness during meditation and in the sleep stages.
He practiced as a general practitioner and acted as an instructor for naturopathy and general medicine. From 2004 he worked as an Ayurveda doctor at the Parkschlösschen Traben-Trarbach, since 2010 at the Maharishi Health Centre Bad Ems. His main focus in Ayurveda includes preventive Panchakarma, constitutional therapy as well as lectures and seminars on naturopathy, fasting and meditation.

"Breathing meditation - experience Prana to reduce stress and gain energy

Year: 2017

Prana, Purusha and Atman
Dr. Dietrich Wachsmuth
Relaxing breath meditation, which can be learned quickly in one or two sessions, can be easily integrated into everyday life, without suggestion and without concentration, can be used especially and especially for worries and stress, because it is not exhausting but relaxing and gives calmness, energy and clarity.

It can serve as a preparation for other meditation methods and e.g. prayers, but after some time it also conveys the essence of yoga directly: simply being aware without demanding or refusing anything, feeling happy without any external reason.

And the more effective the experience of rest and silence - once or twice every 15 - 30 minutes a day (more is not better) is enough - the fresher and more dynamic the daily activities are. So it is a method for active people, no matter what their faith, or atheists or just normal people who are looking for peace, to expand their consciousness or to cope with stress or to promote calmness and health.

In a further, equally simple and quick step, the refining meditation with the "I am - Mantra" can also be learned. Precisely because these techniques are so simple, they can and should be learned under expert guidance, so that even the slightest effort due to possible self-control is eliminated, especially in the beginning.