» Ojas – Mythen und Fakten sowie praktische Behandlung von Störungen

Jahr: 2017

Ojas – myths and facts with practical understanding about management of its disorders
Prof. Dr. S.N. Gupta
As usually happens in samskrita language, the word Ojas has several meanings which results into its interpretations in different ways in different disciplines. Often these are mixed up with Ayurvedic concepts and put it into the category of some mystic entity. In Ayurveda it is clearly a material form which may be a substance or a cellular structure. This is again not a single substance. It is a term used for several entities possessing similar properties and functions.

In Ayurvedic field ojas, rasa, kapha and balam are sometimes used as synonyms as they are similar in functions and are supportive as well as responsible to each other. (Su.Su. 15/23-26,A.Hṛ.Su.11/8,Ca.Su.17/117,Ca.Ni.4/7, Dalhaṇa on Su.Su.15/19)

Ojas is described as a substance or structure with reddish pale color and guru, snigdha, picchila, śīta, madhura, mṛdu, ślakṣṇa, sthira, sāndra and prasanna properties. (Ca. Ci.24/31) This is responsible for immunity, vitality of the dhātus, body strength, mental strength, confidence, fearlessness, potence, tolerance, pleasure and brilliance.

There are two forms of ojas- param and aparam. (Cakrapāṇī commentary on ca.su.30/6-7)
Param ojas is most precious and inherited in the child from the mother, while apram is a final product of dhātupariṇāma. The amount of former is about half an Anjali while of the later is about eigth drops. Loss of former is fatal in consequences while of latter causes proneness for serious illnesses both physical as well as mental.

If we interpret the available classical descriptions about ojas, we may find that it may be substance essential for the cell membrane, substance essential for the health of heart, immune cells and the substances, and cells or substance promoting cell-reproduction and repair. Glycerophospholipids and Coenzyme Q10 are also worth attention seeking substances in this context.