» Fallstudien: Behandlung des polyzystischen Ovarialsyndroms

Jahr: 2020
Sprache: Englisch

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is widely seen in society due to hyper androgenisation. It is associated with symptoms of androgen excess like hirsutism, anovulation or irregular menustrual cycle, chronic acne etc. Any general medical practitioner will come across such cases very frequently in India as most of them looks a family physician in the beginning. As it is a very common gynaecological problem during childbearing age most of the clinicians see such cases and treat them with medicines like Metformin etc. Besides the above problem, it may turn to metabolic syndrome and often with co morbidity as Thyroid dysfunctions or Diabetes myelitis.

I usually meet at least a hand full of cases a month and deal cases with ayurveda. Hence, I am sharing few of my experiences and how I manage such cases successfully. I am also trying to develop a protocol for such cases so that we can document it. I had classified the cases into two- Leen PCOS and Obese PCOS for easy explanations. I will be explaining the best prescriptions from ayurveda, Panchakarma therapies, home remedies and drugs of choice too. It also include the diet plans, life styles corrections and many more.