» Die Bedeutung von Svasthavritta in Indien versus Europa

Jahr: 2020
Sprache: Englisch

Traditionally India hold culture in health and prevention of diseases through generations rooted to ayurveda. Similarly in Europe Mediterranean culture and local folk traditions contributed the healthy living in various culture. After two world war unfortunately europe lost many if its inherited traditions and people thrown remaining ideas due to industrialisation and social norms. Still many ideas of old remaining good, use in all levels and there is need of resurgence of such ideas. Since it is lost and to revive, ayurveda is a great health care system that can guide to whole world in reviving its own traditions through ayurveda and find balance in life.

It is very important to any country, culture to revive it’s tradition and explore the possibilities of simple, sustainable, better, nature- friendly living for our own existence and to our future generations too. I will be sharing the tradition Indian wisdom versus european ideas of health and well-being in the new context.