Ayurveda-Therapie bei Haarausfall (Alopecia universalis)

Jahr: 2019

Hair is a protein filament that grows from follicles found in the dermis. A healthy hair plays an important role in making the body externally beautiful Which eventually elevates the enthusiasm and boots the morale of an individual. Alopecia is Characterised by few patches of a hair loss, though in some case it can be more extreme. Hair loss (Alopecia) is a common and very challenging and capricious disease that affects approximately 1.7% of the world population and can have a profound effect on physical and emotional state. Nowadays the most common interest in hair is related to hair growth, hairstyles and hair care. In contemporary science the management of Hair loss (alopecia) is challenging and treatment is focused mainly on containing disease activity. Corticosteroids are the most widely used drugs for the management of the same which are troublesome.
In Ayurvedic classics Khalitya is a disease in which Pitta Dosha combines with Vata Dosha and lodges into the pores of hairs (hair follicles) causing hair fall, later Kapha along with Rakta obstructs the pores of those hairs and makes it impossible for its regrowth. As it does not destroy the hair follicles, the potential for the regrowth is maintained for many years. Ayurvedic drugs and therapy possessing Keshya, Balya, and Rasayana properties (preserving and promoting body tissues) are very much useful. Hence management based on these principles has a strong potential to breakdown the pathogenesis of this disease and become a ray of light in the darkness. Here we discuss the elixir action of Ayurvedic treatment along with Panchakarma procedures in the management of hair loss (khalitya) with case studies.