Ayurveda-Hausapotheke für Kinder

Jahr: 2019

The concept of metabolism in the West and modern medicine is divided into the functions of various organs and systems as well as its dysfunctions. Diabetes, hypothyroidism, obesity are just a few examples. In Ayurveda, all this is defined by the function of Agni in its different modes of action and states of balance or imbalance. The vision of Ayurveda is therefore functionally transversal regardless of organs and systems and therefore allows to intervene at different levels simultaneously rather than in separate compartments. Therefore, interventions such as ayurvedic physical treatments or action through Marma points can offer interesting ideas for simple therapeutic strategies with generalised and simultaneous effect in areas of the body related to each other. Ayurvedic intervention can, therefore, be of help both for a better understanding of direct and indirect problems related to metabolism and for simplification of therapeutic intervention. Physical treatments in Ayurveda are essential and can offer real and concrete help. On this occasion, we will learn some useful marma points to keep Agni in an optimal state, and we will experience together with a simple sequence of treatment.