» Caraka-Rasayana-Vidhi - a practical Rasayana concept based on the Caraka-Samhita

Year: 2020
Language: German

Since ancient times there is a special discipline in Ayurveda which aims at giving humans a long, healthy and youthful life. Rasayana, literally the science of "rejuvenating elixirs“, includes the application of medicinal preparations, specific in-patient-cures and especially health-promoting behaviour. Hence Ayurveda offers a concept for a long and healthy life that is far more comprehensive than current ideas of "Anti-aging“ or "well-aging“. The Caraka-Saṃhita, an ancient authoritative treatise of Ayurveda, offers a detailed account of such concepts. In this presentation it will be shown that even today a practical Rasayana-concept can be developed on the basis of the wise teachings of Caraka.