Special treatments of psychological and spiritual Ayurvedic therapies »

Year: 2022
Language: English, German

The multidimensional mode of therapeutic intervention in Ayurveda stems from its particular understanding of the relationship between body and mind. Each therapy carries out actions on a physical, mental, and emotional level, and treatment takes place for the entire body-mind-spirit system. The therapeutic refinement of Ayurveda allows the effect to be modulated at one level rather than another according to the individual patient's needs. However, the therapies dedicated to purely psychological, mental, and also spiritual disorders are of particular importance and are very special in their practical application. This expert discussion will examine some of the more unique aspects of Ayurvedic therapy dedicated to dysfunctional problems of the psyche and spirit.

Dr. Ram P. Manohar will expound on the founding principles and current practices of Daivavyapāśraya Cikitsā, the so-called divine therapy and one of the therapy modalities described by Caraka, which uses peculiar modalities of intervention aimed at the recovery of psychological and spiritual disorders, Dr. Stephanie Bunk will talk about the relationship between Ayurveda, Yoga and meditative practices in the management of psychological problems, while Dr. Antonio Morandi will discuss the psychological and mental effects of physical treatments in Ayurveda, and their potential in the reprocessing of emotional and traumatic information.