"Ritucarya - Detox for every season with regional nutrition

Year: 2018

Ritucarya - Detox for every season with regional food

Kerstin Rosenberg

Traditional Ayurvedic medicine teaches a comprehensive prevention program to prevent and treat seasonal symptoms. The recommendations of the "Ritucarya" describe the special needs according to the seasons, weather and climate conditions and adjust health-promoting dietary rules, applications and elimination procedures accordingly. For the successful application of curative procedures - from fasting, pancakarma to detox - it is very important to consider the type-appropriate reaction to the different conditions during the season.

How these traditional recommendations of the six seasons (rite) of Ayurveda can be transferred to the local climate and the seasonal calendar of the fruits, vegetables and herbs growing here is described in the lecture "Ritucarya - Detox for every season with regional foods". Special attention is given to the influence of Kala (time) and Desha (place) on the functions of Doshas and Agni according to the individual constitution as well as suitable detox methods for physical and mental health strengthening. If we know the changes and disease factors that the body undergoes during the individual rituals, these can be balanced out with targeted nutritional and herbal therapy. For this purpose, regional and seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs are analysed in the Ayurvedic sense of their qualities (rasa, guna, virya, vipaka, karma) and selected and used to balance seasonal disturbing factors.