» Mahabhuta shuddhi and its effect on the srotas

Year: 2021
Language: English, German

Srotas are the main pathways through which everything is received, digested and distributed, they strengthen the system. Any turbulence in the srotas can have both short term and long term effects or damage the body. Therefore, regular cleansing methods are very important to keep the scrotum clean, competent and intact. However, everyday life always leads to accumulation of unsuspected elements in the srotus and disrupts it in the long run. Hence, daily balancing of Mahabhuta is very important to keep the srotas clean and perform optimally.

Dinacharya and Ritucharya help us to keep our srotas in top form. But it is difficult to practice them daily. Therefore, understanding the deeper essence (mahabhuta) of our body and trying to purify (shudhi) it daily is the practical and easy method to improve the srotas. Dosha balance, bhoota-shudhi and higher values of it make the srotas free from the morbidity of doshas, which conversely keeps them in their ideal state.