» Major initiatives of Ministry of AYUSH in combating COVID-19 in India

Year: 2020
Language: English

» AYUSH systems have significantly contributed in the past bringing down the infirmities by its unique modalities which includes pharmacological, non-pharmacological interventions, diet, lifestyle and other practices. Ministry of AYUSH is actively working in the present COVID-19 pandemic situation by initiating various activities like releasing self care guidelines for preventive health measures to boost immunity and guidelines for uniform management of COVID-19 pandemic for registered practitioners. AYUSH has initiated various clinical studies (prophylactic and add-on interventions of AYUSH systems), impact of AYUSH based prophylactic population based survey studies to address the challenges of COVID-19 at more than 50 locations in 25 states of the country and impact of AYUSH advocacies and AYUSH measures to prevent current pandemic. These ongoing studies will definitely generate scientific evidences which will lead to greater acceptability of AYUSH systems of healthcare.