» The longing for immortality - dietary supplements and autoimmune diseases

Year: 2021
Language: English, German

More and more people consider Ayurveda as an innocent way to optimize themselves. Natural medicine has the reputation of being harmless and without side effects. But Ayurveda teaches us that too much is too much. Ama, the technical term of Ayurveda to describe undigested food, which affects and adversely changes the metabolism and the immune system, is often enough the result of wrong perception and consequent wrong action.

Especially the urge to take more of preparations "prophylactically" without consultation after thorough anamnesis gives away options when these means are really needed in acute cases. They also have side effects with continuous use, which can only cause processes of excessive immune response.

Autoimmune diseases are derailments of our protective system and must be treated with special care, but above all they must be considered in a holistic context.