Bloodletting as a special therapy in Ayurveda »

Year: 2022
Language: German

Sushruta, in contrast to Charaka, names bloodletting (rakta mokshana - "the liberation of blood") as the fifth main therapy within Pancha Karma.

This means that bloodletting has a high medical value. With this therapy it is possible to directly clean the only liquid body tissue, the blood.

For this to be successful, a step-by-step approach is necessary as with all other karmas: purva karma, rakta mokshana, paschat karma (pre-treatment, main treatment and post-treatment).

The indications of rakta mokshana include many "blood diseases", that is, ailments related to rakta contamination: very many skin diseases, rheumatism and gout, menopausal disorders, hypertension and secondary diseases, ...

Bloodletting in practice? This is a very promising therapy if used correctly!