Dr. med. Wolfgang Schachinger (A)

Dr. med. Wolfgang Schachinger (A)

general practitioner
Since 1984 working as a general practitioner with natural healing methods (Ayurveda) in his own practice, pioneer of Ayurveda in Europe, medical director in the "Haus der Gesundheit" Ried, an integrative medical health facility offering modern medicine and a full range of Ayurvedic therapies; currently in preparation for the launch of the "SOMA vitality medical & thermal spa". Author of several books on Ayurveda. Teaches Ayurveda to health professionals in several European countries. Founder and President of EURAMA - European Ayurveda Medical Association.

Bloodletting as a special therapy in Ayurveda

Year: 2022
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"Ayurvedic bloodletting - theory and practice

Year: 2018

Ayurvedic bloodletting - theory and practice
Dr. med. Wolfgang Schachinger
Bloodletting has its place in all medical traditions - including Ayurveda. If it is presented a little more carefully in Caraka, it has a prominent place in Sushruta's 5 classical cleansing therapies in Pancha Karma.

There is also evidence in modern medicine that "blood donation" is a useful therapy for high blood pressure.

This lecture aims to present the viewpoint and indications of bloodletting in the classical texts and to give guidance for the practical implementation by the Ayurveda doctor or alternative practitioner.