» Ayurvedic support during pregnancy and puerperium

Year: 2020
Language: German

Pregnancy and birth are the great wonders of life. Within a few months, a new being with a life of its own emerges, which is completely nourished by the mother. This requires an incredible metabolic and adaptive effort from the expectant mother. Not only the body adapts: the whole woman changes.

What happens from the point of view of Ayurveda during this time? How can one support the mother-to-be and the child during this time with Ayurvedic means? How can possible disorders be prevented and, if necessary, treated with Ayurvedic means? How do we in Ayurveda ensure that the life of the two closely connected people after birth is successful?

This lecture gives an insight into prasuti-tantra, the specialist area of Ayurvedic obstetrics.