Sandra Grünes HP (D)

Sandra Grünes HP (D)

Practitioner of alternative medicine
Sandra Grünes is an alternative practitioner, physiotherapist and medical Ayurveda specialist. She completed her studies of Ayurvedic Medicine with Dr. S.N. Gupta, combined with several years of Ayurveda and Yoga studies in India and Sri Lanka. She is also trained in clinical acupuncture and as a yoga teacher and has specific further training in holistic gynaecology.
Since 1998 she has been running her own naturopathic practice for Ayurveda medicine and yoga therapy in Freiburg. Since 1999 she has been leading Panchakarma cures. She is also a lecturer at the European Ayurveda Academy and the Yoga Academy Freiburg.

» Women in the middle of life - holistic therapy strategies for menopausal disorders

Year: 2020

The Ayurvedic medicine has a great knowledge in gynaecology - Striroga. Holistic diagnostics and individual treatment methods have a positive effect on the health of women.

Ayurvedic gynaecology accompanies the woman through the different phases of life and cycle, nutritional recommendations and herbal recipes harmonize the hormone system.

You get the woman through these years of change very well. With individual therapy strategies from naturopathic systems, the menopause and the accompanying disorders can be treated in a natural way.

The lecture discusses the individual phases of the changes in the hormone system, presents women-specific plants and shows how powerfully we can use nutritional medicine to support body and mind to come through the change calmly - in search of the new inner centre.