Petra Wolfinger (A)

Petra Wolfinger (A)

Certified nurse, Ayurveda therapist, Yoga teacher
Petra Wolfinger is a qualified nurse and Ayurveda practitioner and has a wealth of experience in the field of Ayurveda for women, lifestyle coaching and health care. She is the representative of the European Academy for Ayurveda in Austria and has been running her own studio for many years. Here she dedicates herself to health prevention with Ayurveda in companies and teaches stress prevention. She completed her training as an Ayurveda therapist and specialist in Ayurveda gynaecology at the European Academy for Ayurveda as well as during numerous trips with cure and study stays in Kerala/South India and Sri Lanka.

Living femininity in modern times

Year: 2020
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"When the body speaks: Ayurvedic massages and experiences in body therapy

Year: 2018

When the body speaks - Ayurvedic massages and experiences in body therapy
Petra Wolfinger
The body is often neglected in the Vata-Pitta driven world and perception. We can approach the mind and intellect analytically and we prefer not to ask our body, because the body does not lie. Its reactions are immediate and honest. Even in times when we prefer not to listen to ourselves and the body. We prefer to take capsules or herbs and hope that all "tensions" will be released.

We body therapists experience every day how the body speaks to us, know about fasciae and body processes, quickly recognize what/who/ how and why our clients are not in their midst. When we "touch", we sometimes "stir" something, something stirs, goes, flows in another direction, movement comes into the system.

The approaches in Ayurveda and the wealth of oils and techniques give us many possibilities to implement therapies efficiently and successfully. We can combine, be creative, work with pindas and dharas, at the table, chair and floor.