Nives Gobo (AT)

Nives Gobo (AT)

Nives is a certified Ayurveda wellness practitioner, 500 RYT certified yoga teacher, founder and instructor at the Shakti Academy - a yoga school for women. She is the author of the book Mondschön. A Course in Femininity, published by Kösel Verlag in 2018. She is internationally active as a yoga teacher, Ayurveda expert and women's circle leader. In her deepened knowledge of Vedic philosophy she focuses especially on the topic of femininity.

» Women's Power and Shakti Empowerment

Year: 2020

In this video you will learn how to recognize, strengthen and deepen your female power through a spiritual Ayurveda and Yoga practice.
What is Shakti?
What does it mean to be in your womanhood today?
Why is your body so important?
And why is it essential to bring new feminine qualities of being into all areas of our lives?