Karin Bachmaier (D)

Karin Bachmaier (D)

Physio- and Ayurveda therapist, alternative practitioner (physiotherapy)
Karin Bachmaier is an Ayurveda, Kalari and Sukshma Marma therapist as well as a non-medical practitioner for physiotherapy. As a lecturer, the trained physiotherapist enriches the European Academy of Ayurveda with her over 25 years of experience in manual therapy patient care, including from her own practice in Eichendorf/Lower Bavaria.

Kalari therapy in Ayurveda: touch - encounter - movement

Year: 2023

Knowledge that helps us keep our musculoskeletal system healthy, strengthen it or stabilize it again.

A journey through treatment strategies for practice.

With simple means - achieve a lot!

Ignite the fire - Marma massages that stimulate Agni

Year: 2016
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