Iris Hüttner (D)

Iris Hüttner (D)

Iris Hüttner is a journalist and published the Press Service Ayurveda from 2008. Since 2005 she has been Ayurveda representative of the German Wellness Association, her thematic focus is consumer protection. She lectured at several international Ayurveda congresses and undertook several longer trips to India in recent years to research Ayurveda clinics, where she conducted numerous conversations and interviews with doctors and patients.

» Fertility treatment in Ayurveda therapy

Year: 2020

In this article the Ayurveda experienced journalist Iris Hüttner interviews the alternative practitioner and medical Ayurveda specialist Vera Schulte about her Ayurvedic approach to the desire for children. Questions will be answered about nutrition, lifestyle, helpful herbs and what the Ayurvedic fertility massage is all about.