HP Vera Schulte (D)

HP Vera Schulte (D)

Vera Schulte has been an alternative practitioner since 2003 and a certified medical Ayurveda specialist since 2007. Since 2008, she has had her own naturopathic practice with a focus on Ayurveda medicine and gynaecology. After her training in Germany and India, she also attended numerous Ayurvedic and classical naturopathic advanced training courses on women's health.

Based on this knowledge, she developed a fertility therapy over several years, which she successfully applies in her practice. The practical manual-therapeutic part "Ayurvedic fertility massage for fertility" has been taught regularly at the European Academy for Ayurveda in Birstein for several years.

» Fertility treatment in Ayurveda therapy

Year: 2020

In this article the Ayurveda experienced journalist Iris Hüttner interviews the alternative practitioner and medical Ayurveda specialist Vera Schulte about her Ayurvedic approach to the desire for children. Questions will be answered about nutrition, lifestyle, helpful herbs and what the Ayurvedic fertility massage is all about.