HP Petra Eich-Mylo (CH)

HP Petra Eich-Mylo (CH)

Swiss Certified Naturopath for Ayurveda Medicine
Petra Eich-Mylo is one of the selected alternative practitioners and specialists for Ayurveda therapy and herbal medicine in Germany. For many years she has been leading the Ayurveda Pancakarma Cures at the Rosenberg Ayurveda Health and Spa Centre together with Dr. Gupta. Here she accompanies the patients in their intensive cure process to holistic health and healing. In Zurich she runs her own Ayurveda practice.

Metabolic syndrome - the deadly quartet: insulin resistance, hypertension, obesity, dyslipidemia

Year: 2019

Metabolic syndrome
Definition and treatment from the perspective of conventional medicine and Ayurveda

The development of the metabolic syndrome is caused by factors such as diet, physical activity, lifestyle, social components and genetics. The prevalence of the Metabolic Syndrome is increasing especially in industrialized countries with pressure to perform, stress, fast food and lack of exercise. In order to prevent further weight gain even in children and adolescents and to bring about a reduction in the weight of the adults affected, early and long-term treatment of the metabolic syndrome as well as prevention programs are of great necessity now and in the future.
The Metabolic Syndrome, a system complex of obesity, lipometabolic disorder, hypertension and insulin resistance is a direct precursor of DiabetesII and a major risk factor for arterial vascular disease and coronary heart disease.
In conventional medicine, the metabolic syndrome cannot be treated as a whole, but each individual entity of it is treated with drugs.
Ayurveda gets to the bottom of the pathogenesis: overfed.
It is exciting that already in the old Ayurvedic textbooks it was described in detail that over-nutrition and obesity are the cause of many other diseases.
I will take a detailed Ayurvedic look at the causes of the metabolic syndrome, the onset of the disease and the treatment options.
The advantage of ayurvedic therapies lies in their holistic approach. Not only do we work with the treatments on the individual clinical picture, we also remove the pathophysiology as a whole.
With good compliance of the patient all values can be normalized with the Ayurvedic measures.