HP Markus Ludwig (D)

HP Markus Ludwig (D)

Practitioner of alternative medicine
Markus Ludwig enjoyed 5 years of training in the Kalari martial and healing arts in India. Research in Marma-Nadi-Therapy, development of the "Holistic Kalari Therapy". Extensive activity as alternative practitioner and lecturer for Kalari therapy since 2000.

Ayurveda and permaculture - Living in harmony with nature

Year: 2020
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" Efficiency increase of the Panchakarma cure through Marma therapy

Year: 2018

Efficiency increase of the Panchakarma cure through Marma therapy
HP Markus Ludwig
Modern man often has subliminal psycho-emotional stress routines. These manifest themselves in the myofascial skeleton in the form of tension patterns, which not only manifest themselves in increased pressure, wear and tear and inflammation phenomena in the joints, but also influence or inhibit the internal, visceral movement sequences down to the tissue level. The inner dynamics are often so massively restricted that on the one hand the doshas are insufficiently dissolved and accumulated during the preparation phase of a Panchakarma cure, and on the other hand cannot be properly excreted in the elimination phase.

Through the treatment of the Siddha Marma system, as described by Agasthya Muni, the vitality of the tissues and body spaces can be intensively increased and optimized in a short time: The Siddha Nadi system describes important fascial lines of tension and strength, as well as concentration and cross points on them, the so-called Kalams or Marmas.

These are relatively easy to influence via the structural body shell, e.g. by manual interaction. Subsequently, tension patterns that reduce space, inhibit movement or trigger compensation mechanisms are reduced.
For the time being, it does not matter whether the causal factors are to be found in conditioned posture and stress patterns from childhood or school, the current life situation or from accidents and operations. The knowledge of the Siddha Marma therapy contains efficient possibilities to release our present "stress corset" and thus to be able to accumulate and release the doshas more dynamically and purposefully.

Siddha Marma for the diagnosis of psychosomatic symptoms

Year: 2019

From the Siddha Kalari perspective, the human being as a whole is described by the "three-envelope model", the "seven-space planes" and the "network of movement flows and points of concentration" that penetrate or form them.

The three sheaths distinguish between our original life impulse and how this is expressed through individual imprinting and experience in one shell each of the psycho-emotional and the physical-organic.

Pulling through all three sheaths creates seven interdependent spaces - from the lesser pelvis to the skull. They contain the different elementary "functions" of the three shells.

The network of movement flows between the spaces and shells, the Siddha Nadi system, forms bottlenecks and intersections for anatomical reasons alone. On the surface of the body there are about 400 points described where the dynamics and connection of the subtle (psycho-emotional) and gross (somatic) vitality are particularly concentrated (marmas or kalams).
The most diverse symptoms or "psychosomatic" complaints can be newly understood by means of the findings of the Marma-Nadi system, by assigning the spatial level, and by understanding the three shells, the different therapeutic approaches can be classified as symptomatic or causal.