HP Gabriela Karall MSc (Ayu) (D)

HP Gabriela Karall MSc (Ayu) (D)

Master of Science in Ayurvedic Medicine, Certified Health & Medical Nurse, Yoga Therapist and Certified Mental Trainer
Gabriela Karall runs her own practice for Ayurveda and Yoga therapy in Austria. Her special expertise is in the field of chronic neck pain. Regular Ayurveda & Yoga practice with Dr. Ajit Mandlecha and Dr. Shirish Deshpande in Pune and in Kerala (India). Development of a seminar series "Sound of Ayurveda" with Peter Hess.

Ayurveda master thesis - research results 2023

Year: 2023
2023 was a special year for the Ayurvedic Medicine program:
  • 18 students have their Postgraduate Diplomas (PG Dip) acquired in cooperation with Middlesex University London
  • 22 Master graduates have successfully submitted a thesis and now bear the title "Master of Science (MSc) in Ayurvedic Medicine" - unique in Europe


Some graduate students will present the research results of their master's theses at the symposium:

  • Manual therapy, yoga and deep relaxation for muscular tension of the cervical spine. - Gabriela Karall MSc (Ayu)
  • Complementary therapeutic treatment options of Ayurveda in breast cancer. - HP Isabelle Mertens MSc (Ayu)
  • Elucidation of the function and regulation of vata in relation to sleep disorders - Tanja Hettich MSc (Ayu)

The highlight will be the presentation of the Middlesex University certificates to the graduates by Prof. Dr. Martin Mittwede, Director of Studies. We would like to congratulate them!

For all interested people who are also going or still want to go their professional way in Ayurveda medicine:
In the fall of 2023, the study of Ayurvedic medicine starts again, then in cooperation with Maganbhai Adenwala Mahagujarat University, India, under the auspices of its Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. S.N. Gupta.

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