Amarjeet S. Bhamra (UK)

Amarjeet S. Bhamra (UK)

Ambassador for Ayurveda and Yoga in Great Britain
Amarjeet S. Bhamra administers the influential All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Indian Traditional Sciences. In this position he has made a significant contribution to raising awareness of holistic health in the UK. Among other things, he has helped develop national professional qualifications and standards for Shiro Abhyanga and Yoga. Amarjeet was the inspiration for the establishment of the Centre of Excellence for Indian Traditional Sciences in April 2018 and has the privilege of being one of the "100 most influential people in British Indian relations".

The energy matrix: Chakra, Nadi, Marma

Year: 2020
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"Shiroabhyanga - Indian head massage as a form of ayurvedic bodywork

Year: 2018

ShiroAbhyanga - Indian head massage as an Ayurvedic bodywork modality
Amarjeet Singh Bhamra
ShiroAbhyanga is deeply nurturing psycho-spiritual experience that attunes the body/mind towards spontaneous healing. It pacifies Vata dosha while nourishing and calming the nervous system, relieves stress, cleanses the mind and senses of impressions, improving mental clarity and cognition. It is a deeply relaxing experience. All mental problems fear, anxiety, anger or irritability dissolve into an ocean of calmness as mind is lulled into a state of serenity and expanded consciousness.

At Birstein, Amarjeet will conduct a taster workshop - On-Site Indian Head Massage (OM), which has proven successful in the field some many companies, which now consider this an important part of their management philosophy. OM is a fully clothed, non-invasive therapy and all participants/learners will have an opportunity to work on one another.
OM increases concentration and positive thinking. Employee's return to work with renewed enthusiasm and vitality. They work better, not only because of the effect of the treatment, but because they have received something enjoyable and rewarding.

Benefits include:

Decreased anxiety, depression, stress, tension and insomnia
The ability of staff to cope more effectively under pressure
Speedy recovery and return to work after illness, accident or surgery
Pain relief for stress related headaches, migraine, back, shoulder and neck stiffness and pain whiplash and frozen shoulder and relief from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
Can enhance staff resilience and resistance to infection and disease
Works well with conventional medicine so offers optimum care for staff
Enhances concentration, efficiency, accuracy and awareness, which leads to improved concentration and mental clarity
Improves creativity, planning and decision-making
Increases the morale, satisfaction and loyalty of the staff, promoting better relationships amongst staff and management

KatiPrusta - Realignment of spine and pelvis

Year: 2019
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