» Triphala in der Ernährungstherapie

Jahr: 2020
Sprache: Englisch

There are a number of herbal combinations used in clinical practice of Ayurveda for hundreds of years in India. Every Vaidya uses comparatively few of them in his clinic throughout his life but there is one most common combination without which no Ayurvedic clinic is complete – it is Triphala. Triphala is a mixture of three fruits – Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), Biibheetak (Terminalia bellirica) and Amalaki (Amla or Emblica officinalis). The topic of my research was Triphala for which I compiled almost all of its references (quotations) from ancient Sanskrit texts and Ayurveda literature. In this lecture we will together explore this combination and its huge scope. The goal is to enlighten everyone about uses of Triphala beyond just being a laxative. We will cover all therapeutic benefits with everyday uses of Triphala.