» Stärkung von Ojas mit Dravyaguna

Jahr: 2017

Strengthening Ojas with Dravyaguna
Prof. V.K. Joshi
Dravyaguna is a composite word of Dravya and Guna. Dravya (substance) signifies, that where Karma (action) and Guna (property) are situated and which is material cause (of its effect). Two kinds of Dravya have been defined in Ayurveda i.e. Karana-dravya (causal substance) and Karya-dravya (effectual substance). The former are nine in numbers whereas, later are five. All Karya-dravya is essentially composed of Panchamahabhuta (five- primordial elements).

In nature, Jangama (animal), Audbhida (plant) and Parthiva (Minerals) Dravyas are available and 20 Gunas are present in them. Out of twenty Gunas, first eight are designated as Virya (potency) according to Agnivesa. Of them, a few enhances Ojas and few others depletes it.

Ojas is expressed as Bala (strength) in Ayurveda and it is the super most essence of seven Dhatu i.e. Rasa-Rakta-Mamsa-Meda-Asthi-Majja and Sukra. Diminishing of Ojas in a body, leads to various disorders and its absence causes death. Those seven Dhatus are nourished by the essence of the Ahara-dravya (food-substance).

Considering the importance of Rasa-dhatu, Susruta has recommended following dravya for its nourishment; Asvagandha (Withania somnifera), Satavari (Asparagus racemosus), Bala ( Sida cordifolia ) etc. A part from that there are Ojas strengthening Dravyas, which enhances Ojas directly having with similar property as Ojas has. Those Dravya are called Jivaniya-dravya under Jivaniya Mahakasaya (life sustaining great extractives) in Charaka Samhita.