» Manduka-arjuna (Centella asiatica und Terminalia arjuna) bei Hrdroga- (Herz-) Patienten

Jahr: 2017

Manduka-arjuna (Centella asiatica and Terminalia arjuna) in Hrdroga (heart disease) patients
Prof. V.K. Joshi
Hrdaya (heart) is said to be one of the three Marmas (vital organs) in Ayurveda. Of them, Hridaya (heart) is the seat of Chetana (consciousness) and left to it lung and spleen is located and at right side liver and gall bladder. In original scriptures of Ayurveda, Hrdroga (heart disease) and its treatment is described. Of them, Hrdistha sula (pain in chest) and Ucchavasa avarodha (obstruction during expiration) are two important clinical features of Hrdasula is discussed in Ayurveda.

The drug Manduka is well known for its Medhya karma and Arjuna for its Hrdya karma. Both the drugs are having their effect through Prabhava (specific action) and are recommended with milk. The leaves of the Mandukaparni have been said for cardiovascular disorders as vegetable in Susruta Samhita. Further, it is included amongst Medhya-rasayana group of drugs in Charaka Samhita. The use of Arjuna in hrdaya roga is found in Vrinda vaidyaka, Chakradatta,Chikitsa sara Sangraha etc.

In Angina pectoris (chest pain and difficult breathing on exertion) patients, Manduka (Centella asiatica) and Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) in a compound formulation for three months with cow’s milk was given. Marked reduction in chest pain as well as improvement in breathlessness was reported in patients. The reduction in systolic blood pressure as well as diastolic blood pressure was also recorded in treated patients. Marked improvement in sleep pattern was also reported by good number of patients.