» Die Bedeutung von Klang und Sprache im Sanskrit für die Bildung der Gehirnfunktion

Jahr: 2020
Sprache: Englisch

According to the Vedic concept, the Universe is formed by five elements or states of matter that derive from the primordial imbalance in the form of OM sound. Sound is the primordial energy that is organized in the forms of concrete reality.
Sanskrit is the language that expresses this vibrational code with its sounds and is therefore intrinsically linked to the structure of reality. The relationship between sound, words and the associated elements of reality define the structure of thought and is a concept widely explored in all cultures. The work of the grammarian Bhartrhari in ancient India and that of linguists Edward Sapir and Benjamin Whorf in the contemporary world bear witness to this. Modern scientific studies unequivocally demonstrate the reality of their hypotheses and place Sanskrit as a language capable of shaping modern conceptual patterns towards an expanded perception of reality.