» Ayurveda-Therapie bei koronarer Herzkrankheit

Jahr: 2017

Ayurveda in coronary heart disease
Dr. Sajan Joseph
References of Hridaya (Heart) are traceable from the vedic period itself. Elaborated description of Hridaya and Hridroga (Heart disease) is made in all the four Vedas. Ayurveda stresses the importance of Hridaya not only in the anatomical and physiological aspect but also in metaphysical concept that relates mind and heart. In the Samhitas, disease Hridroga is considered as a separate identity with tridosha predominance. The sign and symptoms pertaining to Hridaya in various other diseases are also mentioned.

The Aetiology of Hridroga mentioned in Ayurvedic Texts can be classified as follows:
1. Aharaja (Dietary factors)
2. Viharaja (Lifestyle)
3. Manasika (Mental factors)

These factors lead to reduction of the Dhatwagni which results in the vitiation of Rasa, Raktha and Medo elements and finally to Rakthavaha Srotas vitiation and final culminate to Coronary Heart disease.
The approach in Ayurveda is “Apatharpana”( reductive ) including regulation of diet, lifestyle modifications and medicine. The line of treatment include Deepana (Carminative) & Pachana (Digestive), Mild Snehana – Ghritha Prepared of Vathakaphahara drugs , Swedana -Mild, Shodhana-Mrudu Virechana, Rasayana and Yoga.