Ayurvedic dietetics to strengthen immunity »

Year: 2022
Language: English

Immunity against microbes becomes elusive whenever a challenge comes forth. One COVID-19 today, God forbid, another can surface tomorrow, and the routine reactive, Seed based approaches are activated worldwide, usually to too little, too late avail. Ayurveda focus being upon the Field, rather than upon Seed, offers a brighter prospect.

Can we plan and device our immunity to the highest level available to mankind?

Preventive, Predictive, Promotive, or Palliative healthcare through Ayurveda can be routed through the judicious applications of four tools -
1. Dietetics, being the potent most medicine,
2. Lifestyle Modifications
3. Evidence based apt Herbs, and
4. Periodic Panchakama Detox.

These concepts will be highlighted in the prerecorded video that follows.