» Autoimmune thyroiditis - therapy strategies and experiences

Year: 2021
Language: English

Autoimmune thyroiditis is one of the thyroid dysfunctions in which the thyroid cells are destroyed by the patient's own cells. Since it is an autoimmune disease, it is relatively difficult to cure and is treated with various medications over a long period of time. The role of ama, deep adhesion of doshas (leena dosha in dhatus), complex combination of gunas in the system etc make it very difficult to treat it even with panchakarma procedures. But aggressive therapeutic approaches like Vamana Virechana etc., highly effective medicines like purified poisonous plants, Herbo mineral preparations etc. make this work easier and can be treated effectively with Ayurveda.

Prof. Dr. Nambi will share his experience from numerous cases and provide symposium participants with various therapeutic strategies to treat autoimmune thyroiditis. He will also describe how diet, lifestyle corrections, various yogic practices etc. pave the way for recovery. Case studies and assessment protocols will be detailed in the presentation, along with various individual herbs, traditional formulas from ancient books and personal experiences.