Kumuduni A.S. Röllin MSc NHP eidg. AYU (SL-CH)

Kumuduni A.S. Röllin MSc NHP federally certified AYU (SL-CH)

MSc. Ayurveda Medicine, Naturopath with Federal Diploma in Ayurveda Medicine, Mediator and Supervisor VT, Prof. reg. Nursing Specialist HF (SRK) in General Medicine and Psychiatry
Kumuduni A. S. Röllin comes from a traditional Sri Lankan family from where she knows Ayurvedic medicine as well as Deshya Cikitsa (traditional Sri Lankan medicine). She studied Ayurvedic medicine at the University of Colombo. She successfully completed her main studies at the EAA and wrote the Master of Science Ayurveda Medicine at London Middlesex University. In Switzerland she got trained as a reg. prof. qualified nurse HF (SRK) in general medicine and psychiatry as well as a mediator and supervisor in behavioural psychology. She was employed for a total of 20 years in various acute psychiatric clinics (early diagnosis of psychosis, forensic & VT, acute admission and concept for relatives of mentally ill people) and in Inner medicine. These included the Psychiatric University Clinic Zurich (Burghölzli), the Triemli City Hospital and the Psychiatric Services Aargau. Later she was responsible for psychiatric assessment with Mental Health/MH at the Psychosocial Service of the City of Zurich. She is also a naturopath with a federal diploma in Ayurveda medicine. Kumuduni A. S. Röllin now lives and works in Sri Lanka in an Ayurveda clinic that stands for humanitarian employment conditions and runs her own Ayurveda medicine practice in Zurich.

The concepts of symptomatology of manasaroga (mental/mental illnesses) in classical Ayurvedic medicine and in modern psychiatry

Year: 2022
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