HP Michael Rohrschneider (D)

HP Michael Pipe cutter (D)

alternative practitioner for Ayurveda medicine
Michael Rohrschneider is an Ayurveda specialist, Pancakarma therapist and meditation teacher. Since 1989 he has been running his own practice with a focus on Ayurveda and psychotherapy, which is located in Buchholz/Nordheide. Having trained in India at the time, he is now a trainer in Ayurveda medicine himself, including as a lecturer at the FDVH (Freier Verband Deutscher Heilpraktiker).

"The concept of Langhana Therapy: Amapachan - Agnideepan

Year: 2018

The concept of Langhana Therapies: Amapachan - Agnideepan
HP Michael pipe cutter
Āma, a pathogenetic factor.
Different theories about the origin of āma.
Avoidance of ama promoting factors using the example of incompertible food and āma aggravating dinacharya.
Āma - characteristics and resulting disturbances of the doshas, dhātus, srotamsi and mala.
Tongue coating, pulse qualities and symptoms in general condition indicating exposure to āmadosha and Amavisha.

Special methods for the removal of āma.
Āmapacan, the absolutely necessary measure before a Pancakarma treatment.
Āmapacan as a local treatment of e.g. a āma loaded joint as in the case of āmavata.

The strengthening of agni by means of herbs, churnas, daddy, arishtas and various applications.
Therapeutic interventions in the case of Samapitta, Samavata and Samakapha.
Explanations on the practical implementation of agnideepan and āmapacan from 20 years of experience in practice using various case studies.
Agnikarma as āmpacan Treatment of lipomas and non-inflammatory atheromas.

Mental āma, origin, symptoms and treatment options.