Dr. Rajashree Abhay Kulkarni (IND)

Dr Rajashree Abhay Kulkarni (IND)

Dr. Rajashree Kulkarni PhD has extensive clinical experience in handling a wide range of cases, ranging from chronic kidney failure to cancer. Together with her husband and partner Dr. Abhay, she shared her vision of a private, internationally recognized, fully Ayurvedic hospital, which was realized in 2003. She also works as an associate professor in the R.S. & B.K. Department of the Ayurvedic College and is a guest lecturer at various institutes in Australia and Germany.

Dr. Rajashree Kulkarni has worked on various research projects. She is the author of over 1,500 published articles and was editor of the journal Arogyahitaya.

Management of menstrual disorders through Ayurvedic principles

Year: 2020
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